Sunday, 11 September 2016

What is ASME U-stamp And How Does It Work?

ASME U-stamp denotes how pressure vessels should be constructed, and gives you the authority to manufacture them. They need to be built in a way that they comply with the rules and procedures involving their design, assembly, fabrication, and inspection.

From food processing to manufacturing breweries, pressure vessels are used in many activities. They are available in a vast range of materials, designs, structures, temperature and sizes. Say: A pressure vessel designed for manufacturing pharmaceuticals will have a varied purpose, pressure rating and temperature, as compared to the one that is used for manufacturing cosmetics. These distinct designs, when built by the ASME guidelines, enable the pressure vessels to work cautiously.

To safeguard the interests of business, individuals, and the environment, and to avoid any unfortunate accidents, it becomes mandatory to get ASME U-stamp for your pressure vehicles.

The firms who are making up their mind to go for ASME U-stamp certification should prove that:

1. They have authenticated consultants who work with them as partners on a contractual basis and hold the responsibility of staying in sync with updated publications, engineering organisations for offering and assessing the design calculations and updating welding process regularly, a complete audit of the process, and being on amazingly good terms with ASME.

2. They have sound expertise in the engineering field to create quality pressure vessels in a way that lives up to the ASME specifications as well as their clients’ expectations.

3. They have an efficient management system that ensures if an authenticated engineering firm (third party) has done a quality check on design calculations, the ordered materials are collected and delivered for fabrication per code. Further, they've verified that personnel has performed the fabrication, and thereon, an approved welding process has been used for the same, and NBCC’s third party inspectors analyse and test code on every job along with the whole process.

Things to do for getting ASME accreditation

To obtain ASME U-stamp certification without any fuss, it will be great if the applicants understand about the certification program first. They should go through the application forms, fee structure, and checklists complying with their requirements.

A couple of things which you should consider before filing an application form:

1. Procure the specified standards, and ascertain the extent of activity after getting a valid certification from ASME.
2. If the situation demands, be prepared to join hands with an Authorized Inspection Agency.
3. Have a well-written explanation of your quality program in a structured manual.
4. To ensure that your written quality program is executed properly, strive to upskill your team.
If you are applying for ASME U-stamp certification for the very first time, you must signify that the designed pressure vessel is capable of meeting the set guidelines. Once your application is approved, you will be supposed to undergo this process every three years. The ASME U-stamp vessel manufacturer should keep on upgrading his fabrication mechanisms, along with undertaking several tests and quality checks to ensure safety and security of various sections of society.